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Double Dip

The Brighton Icebergers know it as a ‘Double Dip’. It works like this;

Cool down in your normal brisk swim, twenty minutes in and you’ve already gained a hypothermic grin.

Wince your body out onto the beach and beeline direct into the sauna. You have now skipped the ‘after drop’. You don’t feel the searing sauna heat for another 12 minutes. Then, the hair on your body begins to scorch and your hair frizzles. Wait a while longer as you beat the bush about the latest world issues. Sweat begins to exude. Your heart rate increases. Time is up, ready for your Double Dip.

Exit the sauna and head back outside. The harsh chill wind is now just a trifle. Traipse across the beach, pause for a moment, then plunge back into the icy water!

Whhhhhhhhhhhooo. Time slows. Then slows again. It’s a sensory immersion. The world is everywhere, there is no noise. Float for a while.

Also, you’ve just taken a wee transverse across the topology of time. Time isn’t linear to our sensations, thoughts or experiences like a mechanical clock. Our perception of time is relative. By moving close into moments. you. can. slow. it. down.

Try it. It is just sensational. And that’s a Double Dip!

By John E Scanlon.

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