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This article is a book review of, “Immerse”. Author; Fiona Basile. Published 2023; 144 pages, AU$89.99.

I lucked upon Fiona’s book “Immerse” having a coffee after a swim with friends at Parkdale.

From a distance, the sheer beauty of the photographs caught my eye. They were of “A place I call Home” my “Happy Place” where my mind just seems to open up and take every minute detail in.

Something about the softness of the colours and the matt finish Fiona chose for her artwork seemed to draw you under the water to join her subjects. As a water baby myself, Fiona’s photographs gave me a sense of calmness, joy, sheer beauty and freedom, and wonderment of being in the sea and being submerged in it.

Her photographs are pieces of art that could be framed and hung in pride of place in your home. They are both moody, striking, fun, serene and just breathtaking. Her portraits tell so much about her subjects and just how happy and connected they are with the sea and each other- like-minded people who share all the benefits of swimming and just being in the sea and enjoying everything it has to offer.

You can see from Fiona’s interviews no matter which walk of life we are from, we are all the same in the water, all enjoying the same thing and being there for each other through the good times and adversity.

The Poem ” I Dive In ” sums up everything I and many others feel when we do dive in.

PS. I noticed a lot of people in this book found each other during COVID. COVID-19 for me was really bad as I could not get to the water and swim as I had done for 16 years all year round because I was well and truly out of the 5 km zone. It was an extremely lonely time for me (as for many others). So much so that we sold our house in Hawthorn (of 34 Years) to be down by the sea ( where I grew up) and now I live right across the road from the sea and am thankful every day I am there.

Review by Lou Lockwood.

Immerse is Fiona’s way of celebrating and sharing the stories and beauty of open water swimming and the ocean, with others. A collection of Fiona’s open water swimming and ocean photos are available as beautiful large-scale wall art, available for purchase on her website: or book ordering visit

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