Write a few words, an article or a short story on anything that contains some kind of swimming or water threads to it and then submit to us with a related photo. That’s all you need to do to publish it on Waterlog.au.

This blog was inspired by the well known Waterlog Book by Roger Deakin. It’s a great read.

Our Waterlog articles are generally related to Australian Adventures although they could be anywhere in the world. They could also be book reviews.

We are interested in any enjoyable waterlog writing, poetry or photography but we are also collecting informational blogs related to each swim location that help provide information to readers related to swim locations on AllSwims.au. (A blog post link will appear on the Map Marker Pop Up on AllSwims.au for these posts).

  1. Find your favourite or regular swim spot on AllSwims.au
  2. Send us your favourite picture – this can appear on the map marker pop-up.
  3. Write an article for Waterlog.au about this swim location and a link to it will also appear on the map marker pop-up.

You can contact us to submit your Waterlogs via email at allswims.au@waterlog.au or contact us via the Contact Us form

The articles can be published with your name or anonymously. They can allow comments or not. They will be public on Waterlog.au and link to AllSwims.au also with feed links via Email Subscribers, Rss or Social media posts.

Happy Swimming!